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Frequently asked questions

A young nonprofit facing a problem most people don't know exists... we get a lot of questions. Hopefully this helps! If not, please let us know what questions you have!


Where? Why? How?

Slavery is a foreign concept to many but unfortunately in other countries it's still a very real problem. We are focused on helping families in Pakistan where an estimated 4.5 million are enslaved.


WHY do we do it? Because owning people is wrong, pure and simple. Adults should choose a job and home and make the best choices for their family. Kids should get to learn to read and be able to play.

HOW? Well in Pakistan the slaves must be set free if someone can pay their "cost" and that's how we've released hundreds and set those families up for a real life, breaking their generational enslavement.


Why Christians?

You'll see Christianity on our channels a lot. Why is that? Because our founder feels a very strong calling from God to help the families in Pakistan and he is following his calling. He is a full-time evangelist and committed to sharing the good news of Jesus. Many of our board members and volunteers also share that Faith. That's not your cup of tea? We still welcome your support. Everyone of all walks should be against slavery and we'd appreciate you sharing the message and/or donating when able.

It's also been asked if we only save Christian slaves. The answer is NO. However, in Pakistan, they can only enslave non-Muslims so the great majority of slaves are Christians. If there was a family of another faith in critical need, our team would pull them out!

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